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About us

Our Story

Autani is a US-based building technology company that specializes in utilizing the power of the Internet of Things to create Smart Buildings. We were founded in 2006 in Columbia, Maryland. We design, build and manufacture lighting, HVAC and Internet of Things (IoT) sensor platforms for almost any size and type of facility. We pride ourselves on creating systems that are innovative and powerful but, most importantly, easy to use, install and manage.

What We Do

Smart Buildings is easy with Autani.

Measure, report, control and optimize energy use in a single building or across multiple facilities, all from an integrated platform. Generate energy savings automatically, year-after-year while enhancing the comfort and productivity of all the building occupants.

You can utilize just one of these Autani Solutions or all of them because they’re designed to work seamlessly together so you have exactly the technology you need.

US-Based Reliable and Expert Service

Our Support Team is all based in the US and are happy to help you during any stage of the process. We have engineers with years of experience ready to talk to you today. Contact Our Team

Our Partners

Our open source, nonproprietary systems allow us to work with the very best suppliers in the building industry to create versatile, adaptable and easy solutions for all types of industries.

We are extremely excited to have the ability to improve the game experience for our fans using this new LED lighting system while saving energy, reducing operational costs and keeping with our commitment to be a ‘greener’ facility.

Jim Sarosy, Syracuse Crunch COO, Oncenter War Memorial Arena, New York
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