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Learn The Basics

The Autani system is adaptable to any need or specification in your facility, but here are some basics to help understand how we build our wireless mesh network to upgrade your building controls.

Autani EnergyCenter Software

EnergyCenter brings total control to your Smart Building in one efficient and convenient location, either on-site or remotely accessed online. Facility Managers can push scheduling and protocols across an entire network of facilities and generate analytical reporting that offers insights into how to efficiently manage your business resources.

Autani Manager

The Autani Manager is the central dashboard for facility management and can run small networks or coordinate the activities of other devices throughout the building. Each Autani Manager supports direct management of connected devices as well as interfaces into additional building management infrastructure using industry standard communication protocols such as BACnet/IP.

Autani COREs

COREs extend the reach of the Autani network throughout the building and provide high-speed, low latency connections to lighting, HVAC, and sensor devices installed at the facility. COREs may be linked via wired or wireless networks to provide a single, extended view of the entire facility.

Smart Devices & Sensors

Smart devices and sensors use the Autani wireless network to monitor environmental sensors and provide direct control of lighting and HVAC over the air via a wireless mesh that is extensible and self-healing in the event of device failures.

See How the System Scales

Autani’s system scales depending on your needs. So as your facility and portfolio requirements grow, Autani can grow with you. Take a look at an example across an education campus.

Single Point Monitoring

Autani works at its smallest scale when monitoring individual sensors. You may want to protect against specific known problems such as leaks or humidity and have Autani alert you when defined parameters are breached.

Building Monitoring

Autani’s EnergyCenter monitors activity in the entire building. The EnergyCenter interface allows facility managers to view a central dashboard of all alerts, allowing them to intelligently deploy maintenance personnel as well as update building schedules for lighting and HVAC equipment.

Entire Campus

At larger scales, Autani’s EnergyCenter opens insights into year on year energy usage to track efficiencies over time.

Create a System for Your Building

EnergyCenter Generates Actionable Insights

Analytical reporting is generated by EnergyCenter in real-time to offer more insight into operating budgets, space utilization, comfort engineering and reducing revenue loss through predictive maintenance.

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