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Wired vs Wireless

Benefits to Wireless

In our modern wireless world, installing new wiring can be costly and ineffective. Wireless systems help both the installer and building owner:
  1. Avoid the need to run wiring and conduit through multiple walls and ceilings in adjacent rooms.
  2. Keep the work below the ceiling space by using light fixtures with embedded controllers. This minimizes the unknowns during the quoting process as well as the potential for discovery of exposing facility issues during the installation process (unexpected headers, asbestos, and other items that may hold up inspections).
  3. Maintain historical and aesthetically pleasing architectural spaces.
  4. Provide flexibility where occupants’ needs change. When walls move or the floor layout changes, the system can be recommissioned without the need for new controls equipment or rewiring.
  5. Scale the system as needed without changing infrastructure.

Locally Wired, Globally Wireless Connectivity

The existing wired ecosystem within a room can be integrated with new wireless devices.

  1. Wireless controllers, sensors, and a switches form a wireless control mesh instead of the old paradigm of running new wires to every device.
  2. Autani devices operate as standalone units for the purposes of switching and local control. Devices are centrally managed to the Energy Manager for schedule updates and energy curtailments, where centralized control is desired.
  3. BACnet integration allows for import/export with other building management systems to meet owner requirements and provide one point for system-wide visibility and control.

Frequency Integrity

Autani’s wireless network identifies the best radio frequency within a building to optimize system performance.




By scanning the building to identify which frequencies other systems are using, Autani can avoid radio bands that might be problematic and select the optimum frequency for any building. Additionally, the Autani wireless system has the ability to:

  1. Constantly adapt to its surroundings, ensuring connectivity between devices.
  2. Support reconfiguration to a different wireless frequency in the future as systems change.


You can read more about this in our Application Guide which can be downloaded below.


Commissioning App

Wireless devices mean that devices can be commissoned quickly and effectively through the Autani Commissioning App. Once the lights are commissioned it is easy to change the zoning of the lights through a few clicks rather than any expensive and obstructive rewiring.


The Autani wireless network has features to protect the integrity of the wireless system, keep people out that shouldn’t have access, and set different tiers of credentials and levels of accessibility to limit what can be done by those who need access.

  1. Unauthorized devices are quarantined from the mesh network, and new devices cannot join the network unless granted access by the administrator. Autani uses advanced encryption technology to prevent access to unauthorized devices.
  2. Autani’s EnergyCenter platform supports Role-Based Access, allowing user logins to be associated with the appropriate access levels needed by different types of users. Roles are customizable and support access levels such as viewing read-only reports, scheduling updates, and commissioning additional equipment.



Even after adding two new facilities and a new roller coaster, our propane and electric bills have still decreased, and we’ve seen reduced maintenance costs as well. The control EnergyCenter gives us saves a lot of manpower and makes saving energy easy. It’s a great tool to have.

Theme Park Facilities Supervisor, Central US
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