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Here are some initial resources below to get started, and for further in-depth information and any specific questions you might have, please visit our dedicated Autani Support Center.

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Light Solutions Application Guide

Learn the Basics

  • Keilton + Autani Learn Basics

    Learn the Basics

    The Autani system is adaptable to any need or specification in your facility, but here are some basics to help understand how we build our wireless mesh network to upgrade your building controls.

  • Keilton + Autani Product Guide

    Keilton+autani Product Guide

    We recommend starting with the Light Solutions Application Guide above; however, for complete view of all Keilton+autani products see the Product Guide. *Note: Not all products found in the Product Guide are compatible with tier 3 solutions. Speak to your Sales Agent for additional details.

Building Specifications

Sequences of Operation

  • All Sequences of Operation

    Daylight Harvesting, Occupancy / Vacancy, Demand Response, Thermostat Control, Wireless switch / Dimmer Lighting Control, and Electrical Receptacle / Smart Plug Control.

Energy Saving Strategies

  • Energy Savings Strategies

    Key energy saving strategies available to Autani users that can all be commissioned and monitored through the EnergyCenter Software.

Wired VS Wireless

  • Wired vs Wiresless

    As the world moves to wireless technology, shouldn't your building head that way too?

Compliance Guides

How to Integrate Autani

Autani Capabilities

Software Solutions Information Sheets

Industry Sell Sheets

White Papers

Case Studies

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