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 Autani TALLY People Counting systems create business intelligence.


Optimize Your Energy Usage, Lighting and HVAC With People Counters

  • Improve employee satisfaction: When your building is appropriately warmed or cooled, your employees will be more comfortable, productive and satisfied.
  • Reduce your building’s operational cost: Automating your lighting and HVAC systems using real-time building utilization data significantly reduces your total operational costs.
  • Reduce your business’s environmental impact.
Workplace Management
  • Visualize live space availability: Live occupancy data allows your employees to quickly find open workstations and never waste time looking for an available room.
  • Optimize your workspace layout: Room management solutions are perfect for optimizing your space and showing how they are utilized.  Allowing you to know if you have enough desks and equipment in the room and giving you insight to consider redesigning to optimizing your space.
  • Ensure workplace health and safety: Workplace management services are essential to knowing exactly where your employees are and keeping them safe if a health outbreak occurs. Show your employees you care about their well-being with optimized rooms and advanced management strategies.
Meeting Room Optimization
  • Automate booking and room release: Employees can easily book meeting rooms with your WIMS. TALLY can allow you to know when rooms are free and available for pickup or auto release if the person who schedules it doesn’t show up.
  • Optimize cleaning, heating and lights: When you’ve automated and optimized your meeting room services, you can request cleaning, heat your rooms and activate your lights more efficiently. Additionally, automated meeting room optimization allows you to increase your energy and cleaning efficiency.
  • When you can see which meeting rooms are constantly in use and which are still open, it’s easy to pick up trends on how you can reallocate your space to increase efficiency. For example, you may notice your meeting rooms are consistently smaller or larger than necessary.
Open Area Occupancy Monitoring
  • Get better data for decision-making: You’ll never have to guess where your employees are or what areas of the building are most popular when using occupancy sensors. This data allows you to invest money in frequently used locations and transform rooms that have proven to be ineffective workplaces.
  • Evolve with your workplace’s demands: Create more flexible, easily reconfigurable  spaces.
  • Improve your employee experience: When your workers can see the real-time availability of their workspaces, they’ll never waste time looking for an open spot. Give your team their time back with real-time availability insights.
  • Practice strategic rightsizing: Occupancy sensors give you deep insight into how your spaces are used by showing where employees work. TALLY can give you the data you need to create more productive spaces.
Queue Management System
  • Reduce long lines: When your lines are shorter, you can serve more customers and encourage repeat visitors.
  • Better allocate employee resources: You can take better care of your staff and redeploy them to parts of the store where they’re needed most.



The Tally1 is a video-based threshold counter – it counts the people going in and out of a doorway or area and keeps a running total of the people in a space.



The TALLY2 is a video-based area counter – the areas are programmed into the device and the total amount of people in each area as well as the total for the entire space.



The TALLY3 is a video-based area counter that also tabulates the count of people. It also gives x,y coordinates of each person in the space.



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