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See How It Works

With Autani, it’s easy to upgrade your building to an efficient Smart Building that not only will save money on your utility bills but will uncover vital insights into your customers and business.

An Introduction to Autani

See how Autani can easily bring smart technology to your buildings, creating both savings and business operational insights.

Upgradeable from Basic Lighting Control to a Powerful Smart Building Platform

Unlike many IoT solutions available, Autani is designed to scale up without having to change hardware.

Click on each tier to see how the features scale:


Standalone Controls

Motion & Switch



Occupancy/Vacancy Detection

Code Compliant

Cost Effective

Override Control

Our easiest & most
affordable solution ever:

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • Upgrade to Networked Controls
    when you’re ready

Networked Controls

Environmental Data & Lighting Controls

Energy Reporting & Optimization

Overrides & Automated Demand Response

Building Management System Integration


Easy upgrades to next level facility management:

  • Adds connected lighting functionality
  • Easy upgrades from Keilton+Autani
  • Adaptable & scalable
  • Easy to manage

Spacial Analytics

Deep Building Analytics

Desk & Conference Room Reservations

Future App & API Ready

Location & Occupancy Insights

Industry Specific App Integrations

Insights & Analysis to improve facility management:

  • Key asset tracking
  • Campus-wide wayfinding
  • Room reservations
  • 3D Facility monitoring
  • Multi-site analytics and insight
  • Upgradable from Keilton+Autani and Energy Center by Autani

Who can benefit from Autani?


Autani offers adaptable, scalable and practical solutions for all types of industries. With fast payback periods and easy installation you can feel confident specifying Autani.

Facility Managers

Autani has solutions for all of your facility’s needs. If the facility grows, we can scale with you. Monitor for maintenance issues before they become costly repairs with alerts and alarms set to your preferred parameters.

Design Professionals

Specifying Autani has never been easier – our hardware has incredible range and adaptability. Whether it be new build or retrofitting, we have solutions that can be tailored to your needs.


There are many languages in facility management, but Autani speaks nearly all of them. Upgrade your equipment to work wirelessly and match today’s facility management needs.

Building Owners

Understand your building better through Autani Analytics. See which spaces are being under utilized and adapt to make the most of the floorplan. Autani has easy adaptation to zone controls so it can always optimize to your needs.

Energy Managers

Autani can help you qualify for top tier rebates through our powerful and adaptable EnergyCenter software. Autani can create real time monitoring and near real time reporting to help you stay on top of your energy usage.


Autani is designed to be easy to install, easy to commission and easy to adapt. Whether you are working with existing controls in a retrofit or setting up a large scale new build – our adaptable solutions and responsive support will set you up for success.

Learn about Autani in under 60 seconds

Quickly learn why people love using Autani systems to make their buildings Smart.

Solutions for every industry

Autani solutions fit in every industry. See how Autani sensors and controls can help tenants and building managers successfully save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and provide valuable analytics for more efficient facility utilization.

Fixture Integrated Sensors Make Installing Autani Easy

Autani partners with industry leading manufacturers to provide fixture integration of our smart sensors.

Easy installation
just got even easier

The Keilton+Autani Commissioning App reduces commissioning time on projects ranging from just a few controls through thousands of fixtures, sensors, and thermostats.


Even after adding two new facilities and a new roller coaster, our propane and electric bills have still decreased, and we’ve seen reduced maintenance costs as well. The control EnergyCenter gives us saves a lot of manpower and makes saving energy easy. It’s a great tool to have.

Theme Park Facilities Supervisor, Central US
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