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An analytics package that simplifies the process of building analytics


Autani Insights enables a user to drill-down rapidly into lighting, HVAC, and sensor data by visually refining a series of increasingly detailed filters until the exact data needed appears on the screen. These results can used for immediate system insights or can be published into dynamic dashboards that allow comparisons between facilities, different lighting types, as well as energy costs. Autani Insights is built upon standardized, open-sourced platforms that empower customers to take full control of their building data, including exporting that data into their system of choice.

Optimize your facility based on historic and real-time data to maximize your real-estate usage, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.



Create actionable insights based on informative data provided via custom dashboards, locally or portfolio wide, through metering and monitoring of your facility.


Key Features of Autani Insights

  • Enterprise Platform Software
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Portfolio-wide analytics: monitor any size real estate portfolio
  • Data is transformed into a dedicated time-series database optimized for temporal queries and statistical analysis
  • Additional data, such as weather and local energy prices, can be injected
  • Cloud-based platform makes implementation a low maintenance exercise for your IT team
  • Dashboards are customizable to show only relevant data
  • Access to all data via dashboards and the reports center
  • Ability to leverage APIs for deeper data analysis
  • Mobile app allows for quick access to information when you need it
  • End user is given full ownership of all data generated


More than Just Cost Savings

Autani Insights offers the ability to make improvements beyond cost savings. Saving money on hard costs like utility bills is an important first step, but knowing that soft costs can have a significantly larger impact to the budget is just as important. Changes that affect your work force have a much greater impact than changes that improve physical capital alone.




People Counters

These can be installed to provide data on people migration patterns, which can then be utilized to drive business metrics such as:

  • Improve customer experience by effectively deploying staff to customers.
  • Measure marketing success during special promotions.
  • Implement capacity limits to enhance safety and well being.


Operating Budget
  • Revenue grade metering and cost estimation engines provide accurate savings measurements. Autani Insights generates analytics-based reporting to offer actionable insights tailored to your specific facility.


Reducing Revenue Loss
  • Maintenance issues and critical equipment failures are costly. Autani helps eliminate surprises and unexpected costs with proactive maintenance reminders so you can schedule downtime at times convenient for you.
  • Pair with Autani SPOT to create real-time, location-based alerts for high value assets.


Space Utilization

Understanding how your building operates from the perspective of the occupants and their business goals tied to the real estate usage is key to optimized space utilization. Occupancy Sensors alert you when areas are occupied by employees. This information can be valuable to “right size” your office space and align your HVAC and lighting system operations. Moreover, how your space is actually utilized can help determine space requirements.

  • Analyze building usage to determine additional space requirements by portfolio, building, or department
  • Find underutilized or overutilized space
  • Benchmarking
  • Understand where people spend time and how they move through space over time
  • Observe building occupancy in real time
  • Review how spaces were occupied over various periods of time for comparative analysis
  • Relocate or add break rooms to reroute high density traffic from specific areas
  • Lower tenant leasing costs or subdivide and lease extra space


Occupant Comfort and Wellbeing
  • Comfort engineering allows you to mitigate productivity loss from uncomfortable work environments due to improper lighting or heating
  • Measure use of work areas to maximize collaboration between departments
  • WELL Certification qualification
  • Improve productivity and satisfaction
  • Back to work strategy
  • Capacity limits
  • Optimize HVAC setbacks and airflow management
  • Demand-driven heating and cooling using actual building occupancy and utilization levels
  • Monitor air quality


Safety and Security
  • Integrated systems allow video analytics to provide improved situational awareness from monitoring stations in real-time.

Download a Guide for More Information 

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