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Autani Partners with SnapWalk to Provide Wayfinding Services

Autani Snapwalk

Autani, LLC, a proven leader in building controls and IoT, has announced a partnership with SnapWalk to deliver integrated wayfinding services via Bluetooth® wireless technology in Autani’s Energy Manager. SnapWalk’s wayfinding application provides building and campus navigation via the user’s mobile device, making it ideal for use in hospitals, colleges, malls, museums, and other public spaces.

“By integrating wayfinding with our building controls software, we can provide our customers with the next level of all-in-one convenience—knowing how their building works while allowing visitors to navigate large or complex facilities confidently,” said Scott Metker, COO of Autani. “The additional offering of wayfinding puts Autani ahead of the curve for typical building automation providers.”

SnapWalk is a Limited Liability Company specializing in WEB and mobile OS product applications for both information and navigation in structures and buildings open to the public. Our host of products offers various levels of opportunities to provide our customers the ability to enhance their visitor’s experience and satisfaction.

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