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Be a Matchmaker this Valentine’s Day

Autani, Philips, LG, EnOcean, Bluetooth Mesh, Bluetooth LE, Modbus, Bacnet

Be a matchmaker for your business this Valentine’s Day, and introduce your building to its perfect partner. Now, you might think your building could never meet the perfect partner, because it’s too complicated and high-maintenance to put up with. But what if you set up your building with Autani this Valentine’s Day? Magic can still happen.

Autani doesn’t mind how complicated your building is, or what baggage it has. Autani works with all kinds of platforms – Zigbee, EnOcean, Philips Easysense, LG, Bluetooth, Modbus, Bacnet … and it not only talks to them, it listens as well – which everyone knows is the foundation of any good relationship. You see, Autani’s Energy Center Platform allows information to be collected from your building’s sensors in real time, and scales easily to meet your needs. With that level of control over utility costs you’ll start saving money right away, which is a great way to start a new relationship.

Autani is also able to work across all tiers of building management needs. It takes care of your HVAC system, develops sophisticated and reactive building controls, while using occupancy sensors and heat maps to help owners optimize their space.

And, of course, Autani will always be there for your building. It’s web-enabled and works with any browser, but it’s premises-based too so even if the internet goes down, Autani will still be around, reliable as always.

Your building is an important part of your business, but it needs the perfect partner to achieve its potential. And what better day than Valentine’s Day to help make a match that will benefit you, your business, and your building for many years to come.

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