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Autani Conference Room
Estimated Total Savings 20-50%
Autani provides a number of solutions that specifically address conference room and shared meeting spaces. The Wireless Room Controller (WRC) provides two zones of on/off and dimming control to support multi-zone projector or TV layouts, while sensors and thermostats maintain the room lighting and temperature for optimal energy savings and occupant comfort.

Product Recommendations

  • Wireless Room Controller

    Integrates with existing wiring to provide fixture zoning. Allows wireless integration with sensors and switches.

  • Wireless Thermostat

    Centrally controlled and locally integrated with occupancy sensors. Master schedules can be pushed facility-wide or to target thermostats.

  • Wireless Switches

    Self-powered switches that install in seconds. Easily commissioned to support dimming and preset light levels.

  • Wireless Sensors

    Self-powered sensors that install in seconds, supporting daylight harvesting and motion /occupancy sensing.

Control Strategies

  • Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing

    Turn lights on when occupants are in a space and off when they vacate the space. Alternate Functionality: Partial-on and manual-on modes are supported for additional savings and for more stringent local codes.

  • High-End Trim / Institutional Tuning

    Set the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space to prevent overlighting.

  • Daylight Harvesting

    Dim indoor and outdoor lighting when daylight is available. Multiple zones are supported where required by code.

  • HVAC Control

    Manage smart thermostats and sensors centrally to optimize comfort and energy savings via calendar and occupancy based setbacks.

  • Automatic Scheduling & Timeclock

    Automatically dim or shut off lighting based on centrally managed schedules.

  • Demand Management

    Manage lighting and HVAC electrical loads to limit ratchet charges and peak demand pricing periods.

Business Outcomes

  • Improve alertness and bring the environment to life.
  • Wireless, self-powered sensors and switches provide ultimate flexibility – with freedom to locate as desired.
  • Log space utilization for insights on operational costs.
  • Align energy costs with comfort and occupancy requirements.
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