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Estimated Total Savings: 20-50%
Autani’s Energy Manager with EnergyCenter software is a simple way to monitor and control your lighting and HVAC systems to improve the comfort and productivity for your employees and customers. Autani’s wireless integration brings flexibility and reliability, establishing your ideal light levels and temperature settings while creating a conducive environment to conduct business. System reporting gives you insights into space utilization, occupancy patterns, and system deviations to help you understand how your buildings are performing, reduce your expenses, and improve your bottom line. Moreover, Autani gives you the flexibility and scalability to expand as your business needs change.

Product Recommendations

  • Wireless Thermostat

    Centrally controlled and locally integrated with occupancy sensors. Master schedules can be pushed facility-wide or to target thermostats.

  • Wireless Duct Sensor

    Easy-to-install duct sensor to monitor the temperature within the HVAC ducts.

  • Wireless Leak Detector

    This can be positioned to alert of any water leakages in the plumbing or HVAC system allowing operators to react before it becomes a much more significant problem.

  • Wireless Multi-Sensors & Fixture Controls

    Integrates occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and space utilization into the light fixtures and can be pre-installed.

  • Wireless Switches

    Self-powered switches that install in seconds. Easily commissioned to support dimming and preset light levels.

  • Plug Load Controller

    Allows for wireless monitoring and control of outlets. Integrates with building schedules to allow for calendar events such as holidays.

Control Strategies

  • Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing

    Turn lights on when occupants are in a space and off when they vacate the space. Alternate Functionality: Partial-on and manual-on modes are supported for additional savings and for more stringent local codes.

  • High-End Trim / Institutional Tuning

    Set the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space to prevent overlighting.

  • Local Dimming Control

    Permit occupants to lower the light level below the high-end trim for comfort and additional savings.

  • Daylight Harvesting

    Dim indoor and outdoor lighting when daylight is available. Multiple zones are supported where required by code.

  • HVAC Control

    Manage smart thermostats and sensors centrally to optimize comfort and energy savings via calendar and occupancy based setbacks.

  • Plug Load Control

    Manage control of select plug loads for demand management and the elimination of phantom loads.

  • Automatic Scheduling & Timeclock

    Automatically dim or shut off lighting based on centrally managed schedules.

  • Demand Management

    Manage lighting and HVAC electrical loads to limit ratchet charges and peak demand pricing periods.

Business Outcomes

  • Reduce eye strain from over or under lighting to improve productivity.
  • Improve environmental comfort where healthy, happy people contribute more while constructing a higher performing company.
  • Log space utilization for insights on operational costs.
  • Align energy costs with comfort and occupancy requirements.
  • Manage multiple locations remotely and from a central location.
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