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Hotel Room

Estimated Total Savings: 20-30%
Autani creates a smarter hotel room through wireless integration of lighting, HVAC, and plug load control within the hotel guest room. Self-powered wireless switches can be located next to the bed to allow occupants to control the room lighting with the press of a button, and occupancy sensors can help manage the room environment more efficiently.

Product Recommendations

  • Wireless Thermostat

    Centrally controlled and locally integrated with occupancy sensors. Master schedules can be pushed facility-wide or to target thermostats.

  • Wireless Sensors

    Self-powered sensors that install in seconds, supporting daylight harvesting and occupancy /motion sensing.

  • Wireless Switches

    Self-powered switches that install in seconds. Easily commissioned to support dimming and preset light levels.

  • Plug Load Controller

    Allows for wireless monitoring and control of outlets. Integrates with building schedules to allow for calendar events such as holidays.

Control Strategies

  • High-End Trim / Institutional Tuning

    Set the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space to prevent overlighting.

  • Daylight Harvesting

    Dim indoor and outdoor lighting when daylight is available. Multiple zones are supported where required by code.

  • Plug Load Control

    Manage control of select plug loads for demand management and the elimination of phantom loads.

  • Automatic Scheduling & Timeclock

    Automatically dim or shut off lighting based on centrally managed schedules.

  • Demand Management

    Manage lighting and HVAC electrical loads to limit ratchet charges and peak demand pricing periods.

Business Outcomes

  • Align energy costs and power consumption with vacancy and occupancy.
  • Monitor room occupancy for maintenance and daily house cleaning activities.
  • Maintain an inviting and comfortable environment for guests while better managing costs.
  • Provide alerts to maintenance when heating and cooling units are not operating properly.
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