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Estimated Total Savings: 20-30%
Wireless outdoor lighting management ensures that your grounds are properly illuminated in the right place, at the right time. Autani can help you find the balance between energy savings, outdoor safety, and the appropriate light levels needed to maximize the appeal of your facilities. Dimming control at each fixture allows the business manager to adjust the spatial distribution of lighting as well as change the dimming level to lower levels during non-business hours.

Product Recommendations

  • Manager with EnergyCenter Software

    Serves as central control hub to distribute programming to all fixtures. Controlled on-site or remotely via EnergyCenter software. If your facility already utilizes a Manager to control indoor lighting/HVAC, the same Manager can be used to control outdoor lighting.

  • EFS106-Z10-W.B1


    Keilton+autani EFS106-W series sensors are Bluetooth wireless luminaire level lighting controls (LLLC) for commercial outdoor/indoor luminaires that require a IP66/Wet Location. They are available with 3-different style sockets (BH4-W, 3.5MM AUX, Zhaga Z10).

Control Strategies

  • High-End Trim / Institutional Tuning

    Set the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space to prevent overlighting.

  • Automatic Scheduling & Timeclock

    Automatically dim or shut off lighting based on centrally managed schedules.

Business Outcomes

  • Save energy and reduce monthly utility spend to contribute to your bottom line.
  • Comply with code requirements and ensure lights are not on when they don’t have to be.
  • Adjust light levels during different time periods of the night to improve safety and reduce light pollution.
  • Extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Proactively manage your facilities by controlling your energy spend and setting up real-time alerts to minimize damage from failure points.
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