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Retail People Counting
Autani’s integrated wireless control system can improve your operating environment and enhance your customers’ overall shopping experience. Autani provides your facility operations manager with the ability to manage multiple sites from a single location. Open counters when lines become to large or track the most popular areas of your retail space to inform business behaviors. Autani systems can be augmented to include HVAC, lighting, plug load controls and many more energy saving strategies with this initial infrastructure in place.

Product Recommendations

  • Manager with EnergyCenter Software

    Serves as central control hub to distribute programming to all fixtures. Controlled on-site or remotely via EnergyCenter software. If your facility already utilizes a Manager to control indoor lighting/HVAC, the same Manager can be used to control outdoor lighting.

  • Wireless People Counter

    Trigger notifications or contingency processes based on the occupancy of zones in order to enhance the customer experience. For example, self service counters can be switched on or alerts can be given to staff if lines are becoming too long.

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Business Outcomes

  • Proactively manage your facilities by setting up real-time alerts to staff at busy periods.
  • Understand how many customers are in individual aisles, specific departments, and at what times.
  • Consider where to dispatch employees in real time to help customers, improving the overall customer experience.
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