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Estimated Total Savings: 20-40%
Whether your business has a goal of reducing greenhouse gases or reducing expenses to improve your bottom line, Autani’s integrated wireless control system equips you with an easy to use building management system that will improve your operating environment and enhance your customers’ overall shopping experience. Autani provides your facility operations manager with the ability to create an inviting environment for your customers while minimizing operational risk and expenses. Multiple sites can be managed from a single location, and Autani’s EnergyCenter supports full BACnet integration with centralized facility management software to support unified reporting and management for customers that manage all of their facilities from a single location.

Product Recommendations

  • Manager with EnergyCenter Software

    Serves as central control hub to distribute programming to all fixtures. Controlled on-site or remotely via EnergyCenter software. If your facility already utilizes a Manager to control indoor lighting/HVAC, the same Manager can be used to control outdoor lighting.

  • Wireless High Bay Sensor & Fixture Controller

    Provides motion sensing optimized for high bay applications. Detected motion triggers changes in lighting and HVAC. Supports wireless on/off and dimming of each fixture.

  • Wireless Scene Selector

    Ideal for larger spaces that require programmed scenes. It requires minimal installation time and commissioning and allows a lighting scene to be selected with a single button.

  • Wireless Multi-Sensors & Fixture Controls

    Integrates occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and space utilization into the light fixtures and can be pre-installed.

  • Wireless Switches

    Self-powered switches that install in seconds. Easily commissioned to support dimming and preset light levels.

  • Wireless People Counter

    Trigger notifications or contingency processes based on the occupancy of zones in order to enhance the customer experience. For example, self service counters can be switched on or alerts can be given to staff if lines are becoming too long.

  • BACnet link to customer’s central management system (optional)

Control Strategies

  • Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing

    Turn lights on when occupants are in a space and off when they vacate the space. Alternate Functionality: Partial-on and manual-on modes are supported for additional savings and for more stringent local codes.

  • High-End Trim / Institutional Tuning

    Set the maximum light level based on customer requirements in each space to prevent overlighting.

  • Local Dimming Control

    Permit occupants to lower the light level below the high-end trim for comfort and additional savings.

  • Daylight Harvesting

    Dim indoor and outdoor lighting when daylight is available. Multiple zones are supported where required by code.

  • HVAC Control

    Manage smart thermostats and sensors centrally to optimize comfort and energy savings via calendar and occupancy based setbacks.

  • Plug Load Control

    Manage control of select plug loads for demand management and the elimination of phantom loads.

  • Automatic Scheduling & Timeclock

    Automatically dim or shut off lighting based on centrally managed schedules.

  • Demand Management

    Manage lighting and HVAC electrical loads to limit ratchet charges and peak demand pricing periods.

Business Outcomes

  • Create immediate positive cash flow with energy savings.
  • Maintain an inviting and comfortable environment for your employees and customers while better managing your costs.
  • Proactively manage your facilities by controlling your energy spend and setting up real-time alerts to minimize damage from failure points.
  • Understand how many customers are in individual aisles, specific departments, and at what times.
  • Consider where to dispatch employees in real time to help customers, improving the overall customer experience.
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