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Solutions By System

See how Autani can create the ideal solution-based system for your needs and budget. Keep in mind, an Autani System can be more easily expanded once a single system has been installed.

If you do not see a system fitted for your needs, please contact our team and we will work with you on a tailor-made system.

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Lighting Solutions


  • Franchise / Branch


    Manage fleets of smart thermostats, wirelessly monitor HVAC components, and integrate occupancy measures into your HVAC savings strategy.

Metering / Sensing

  • Metering & Sensing Solution

    Remotely monitor facilities via revenue grade meters (electrical, gas, and water) as well as a full suite of environmental sensors.

People Counting

  • Space Utilization

    Track utilization of a space to optimize the floorplan.

  • Retail Use

    Track customer usage of your retail space to better optimize in-store displays and configuration.

Refrigeration Monitoring

  • Healthcare Compliance

    Track and report the temperature conditions within medical supply refrigerators for easy compliance assessment.

  • Retail Use

    Monitor refrigeration equipment and set alert parameters to catch maintenance issues before they cause costly spoilage problems.

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