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Scalable and Reliable Real-Time Location System


The Autani SPOT system delivers real-time accurate and reliable positioning of people and assets in real-world environments such as: smart manufacturing, factories, warehouses, healthcare centers, offices and more.  Utilizing Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology Autani SPOT reports actual location data instead of last-known location / point-of-scan.  Furthermore, our granular system doesn’t interfere with existing wireless networks, even when scaled for massive projects. UWB technology outperforms other location and tracking technologies in accuracy, scalability, security, and even cost.



Our granular SPOT system doesn’t interfere with existing wireless networks, even when scaled for massive projects.


Autani SPOT Features

  • Enterprise Platform Software
  • Point-by-point history playback for all tracked devices
  • Customizable tracking settings and asset labels
  • Easy to use user interface that can notify multiple individuals leveraging unlimited escalations
  • Real-time locating system paired with an alert system giving you awareness within seconds
  • Environmental Monitoring alerts you 24/7, along with automated compliance monitoring
  • Cloud-based platform makes implementation a low maintenance exercise for your IT team
  • Workflow optimizes efficiencies, increases satisfaction and throughput
  • Tracking personnel requires special considerations for data security and privacy. Autani SPOT safeguards location data, protects personal privacy, and delivers high-value, high-precision location simultaneously.
  • Real-time asset utilization, par level and rental equipment tracking dashboards
  • Dashboards are customizable to show only relevant data
  • Access to all data via dashboards and the reports center
  • Ability to leverage API’s for deeper data analysis
  • Mobile app allows for quick access to information when you need it
  • Optimize security and support worker safety in restricted areas
  • End user is given full ownership of all data generated.



The term UWB refers to a technique for transmitting data over a large section of the radio spectrum. This works by emitting short pulses with a small power output across a significant bandwidth. Essentially, UWB is a low-power way to send a considerable amount of data.

To determine location precisely in real time, UWB solutions typically utilize techniques such as Angle of Arrival (AoA), Time of Flight (ToF), Time-Distance-of-Arrival (TDoA) and other measurement methods. Some solutions use their own unique measurement techniques as well.

These benefits make UWB ideal for locating and tracking


Download a Guide for More Information

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