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Autani Linked


Autani Linked is a connected lighting control solution that has all the features of Autani Lite and more.  We utilizes our powerful Autani Energy Center platform to promote energy saving and meter and monitor nodes within the buildings.  Our innovative platform integrates any combination of lighting, metering, HVAC / environmental, refrigeration, and sensor applications into a single management platform.  Autani Linked delivers an easy-to-use web-based interface that provides local or remote access for programming, monitoring, and controlling energy consumption with a single building or across an entire portfolio.

Autani Linked is available for field installations or for ease of installation integrated into new light fixtures and retrofits from our OEM partners.



Autani Linked Features

  • Task Tuning and High-end Trimming
  • Low Energy Bluetooth (Sensor Dependent)
  • ADR (Automatic Demand Response)
  • DR (Demand Reduction)
  • Occupancy Controlled Receptacles
  • BMS / BAS Integration
  • Energy Savings Report
  • Non-biased data!
  • Tunable White / Human Centric
  • Stability Controlled Daylight Harvesting and Groupings
  • Time-of-Day Dimming Schedule
  • Dim-and-Linger Occupancy Control
  • Follow-Me Lighting Effect
  • Smart Occupancy Reaction
  • Personalized Settings and Control
  • Fixture, Sensor, Radio Outage Reports


Autani Linked is communicates across a wide ecosystem of protocols.



Whichever tier of product you decide on, you will be outfitting your facility with a truly future-proofed solution complete with a powerful upgrade path available when needed.


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