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College Campus

Midwestern United States


College Campus

Project Space

7 mixed-use buildings on campus that include classrooms, offices, dining area, study spaces, open common areas, and specialized work spaces for forensic science, drafting, and a simulated hospital

Control Strategies

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Task Tuning

System Features

  • Per zone indoor lighting control
  • Baseline and event schedules
  • Occupancy control
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Secure, remote access
  • Configurable email alerts
  • No annual fees

The Challenge

As one of the largest community colleges in the nation, this School saw the importance of—and benefits to—having an environmentally friendly and energy efficient campus. With building and renovation projects underway on campus, this was the right time to find a lighting controls solution that aligned with the School’s mission of sustainability but was also affordable and easy-to-use.

The Solution

The School chose Autani’s EnergyCenter lighting control system because the wireless solution is simple to install yet provides powerful and intuitive control capabilities.  EnergyCenter is budget-friendly and can easily be scaled for nearly any sized project.


Autani’s EnergyCenter system of wirelessly networked fixture controllers and sensors was initially deployed in one building on campus, with a focus on occupancy and schedule based lighting control.  After the initial install met with success, the School deployed EnergyCenter in additional buildings throughout campus.  Furthering their energy control capabilities, the School opted to include daylight harvesting and dimming features in the subsequent installations, and they began controlling not only primary lighting fixtures but also stairwell lighting and decorating lighting fixtures.

The Results

The School now has powerful yet easy-to-use lighting control, and they can show real-time energy use and savings to promote their sustainability mission. EnergyCenter has also proven to be so easy to work with, maintenance staff at the School did the most recent phase of installation—creating additional savings by eliminating the need for expensive outside contractors.

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