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Franklin City Public Schools

Franklin, VA


Franklin City Public Schools


ABM Building Services

Project Space

Franklin HS (69,163 ft2) | J.P. King MS (65,381 ft2) | S.P. Morton ES (64,691 ft2) | for a total of 199,235 ft2

Control Strategies

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Task Tuning
  • Context Defined Setbacks

System Features

  • Per zone HVAC control
  • Per zone outdoor lighting control
  • Baseline and event schedules
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Secure, remote access
  • Configurable email alerts
  • No annual fees

The Challenge

Franklin City Public Schools (FCPS) include an elementary, middle, and high school.  Between these three campuses, there are 134 PTAC units, most of which are housed in classrooms where the teachers have full control over set points and on/off status. With no outside control mechanisms in place for that many PTAC units, FCPS had a major challenge controlling costs.  They needed to find an affordable way to remotely monitor and control each of the PTAC units across three campuses.

The Solution

To optimize savings with this project, FCPS partnered with ABM for their energy savings expertise.  After an initial energy assessment, ABM and FCPS signed an energy guarantee performance contract.  Looking to install the best value in control systems, ABM chose Autani’s EnergyCenter as the wireless solution provided easy installation, intuitive scheduling features and lock-out capabilities, all at a budget-friendly price.


Autani’s EnergyCenter system of wirelessly networked, managed thermostats was deployed at the high school in phase one of the project.  After that initial install met with success, thermostats were deployed at the middle and elementary schools in phase two.  Seeing an added venue for savings, outdoor lighting controls were also installed at all three schools.

The Results

FCPS can now easily remotely monitor and control each PTAC unit and outdoor lighting fixture across their three campuses.  They are seeing significant savings, and their energy guarantee was thoroughly met!

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