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KIPP: Houston Public Schools

Houston, TX


KIPP: Houston Public Schools


ABM Building & Energy Solutions

Project Space

29 portable classrooms at 5 schools across 2 campuses

Control Strategies

  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Task Tuning
  • Occupancy Control
  • Context Defined Setbacks
  • Demand Response

System Features

  • Per zone HVAC control
  • Per zone interior lighting control
  • Baseline and event schedules
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Secure, remote access
  • Configurable email alerts
  • No annual fees

The Challenge

KIPP is a national network of public charter schools experiencing huge growth in enrollment, particularly at their locations in Houston.  Consequently, in campuses across Houston, KIPP schools are utilizing numerous portable classrooms.  Facing the immediate need to reduce energy consumption expenditures, KIPP staff needed to find an energy-saving solution that allowed for remote management of portables across multiple campuses to ensure the facilities were under control, particularly during unoccupied hours.

The Solution

Looking to partner with an experienced building service company, KIPP chose ABM Building & Energy Solutions for this project.  ABM’s control solution of choice was Autani’s EnergyCenter because the easy-to-use wireless platform provided remote management and intuitive scheduling features for multiple locations, all at a budget-friendly price.


Autani’s EnergyCenter system of networked thermostats, lighting controllers, and occupancy sensors was deployed at 5 KIPP schools across 2 campuses to control 370 lights and 234 thermostats.  With remote management capabilities and an easy-to-use point-and-click interface, EnergyCenter schedules HVAC setpoints and lighting with automated setbacks and time out periods for unoccupied areas.   Schedules can be set individually for each portable classroom or easily copied to them all.

The Results

With EnergyCenter, KIPP can now remotely monitor and control lighting and HVAC in each networked portable classroom.  The schools are able to save money and reduce energy consumption.

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