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Metro Public Schools

Nashville TN


Metro Nashville Public Schools Corporate Headquarters


Enterprise Solutions & SitelogIQ

Project Space

100,000 sq.ft.

The Autani Team is proud to announce the completion of an LED lighting retrofit for the Metro Nashville Public Schools 100,000 sqft corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN. This project involved the complete changeout of the existing light fixtures to energy efficient LEDs and a networked lighting control overhaul to maximize energy savings and employee comfort. This project began with a comprehensive energy audit conducted by the Tenzing and Autani teams to assess the current condition of the lighting systems in this 1940’s era building. The Tenzing/Autani design teams then completed a full lighting design, which commenced in a three-month installation by the experienced Enterprise installation team. 

Energy savings was the core focus of this project, with the deployment of a multifaceted savings strategy for maximized customer returns. Initial LED changeouts from traditional incandescent and fluorescent fixtures results in typical energy savings on the order of 40-60%. Additional savings from the Autani EnergyCenter networked lighting control system amount on average to an additional 43% energy savings by utilizing a combination of available control strategies (occupancy, light level, scheduling, etc.) Particularly for older building, lighting retrofits and smart controls save our customers significantly on their energy bills while boosting ambient light levels in the space. In addition to these energy savings, LEDs have significantly longer lifetimes than traditional lighting solutions and significantly reduce maintenance costs over the life of the installation.

Based on employee feedback, the Autani/Tenzing design team deployed individually addressable LG fixtures in MNPS offices. These LG Sensor Connect fixtures have embedded radios for wireless communication as well as fixture mounted sensors for occupancy control. These fixtures allow for maximum control flexibility and can be individually adjusted to meet changing employee demands in the space. Additionally, in a fast paced, constantly changing environment, individually controlled fixtures can be rezoned and repurposed without any physical changes. In addition to these energy savings, Autani smart controls deliver customers a host of Non-Energy Benefits that provide analytics on system data such as space optimization, real time energy monitoring and wayfinding.

This installation was successfully due to the joint efforts of the Autani, Enterprise and Tenzing teams. We are excited to offer future customers integrated energy saving solutions from lighting, controls to install. 

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