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Autani Announces New Commissioning Application

Autani Announces New Commissioning Application

 COLUMBIA, MD – Autani, LLC, a proven leader in building controls and IoT, announces the launch of the Autani Controls application, a new tablet-based app designed for commissioning large scale, wireless applications. 

The versatile application provides a portable platform for contractors to scan and track the location of equipment during installation at a facility and then seamlessly record installation settings through a guided questionnaire. This application greatly expands the number of nodes an installer can provision per day and simplifies the setup of a building-wide wireless network supporting mixed lighting, HVAC, and sensor nodes. 

“Our new commissioning application significantly reduces the cost and complexity of wireless device commissioning, and provides a seamless, tailor-made dashboard for installers and commissioning agents,” said Scott Metker, COO of Autani. “By providing an easy way to scan and display device-specific information early on in the installation process, our application can quickly and easily build the customer’s ideal, cost-saving wireless network from a tablet or smartphone.” 

About Autani, LLC 

Autani, LLC ( is a Building Automation Provider with a proven track record of reducing energy consumption while providing the analytics to power next-generation building management applications. At the core of our product offering is EnergyCenter, an open standards appliance that connects Lighting, Metering, HVAC, Refrigeration and Sensors to control, monitor and verify energy consumption through a single, powerful system with either wireless or wired connectivity. Autani’s IoT platform provides data warehousing and visualization capabilities for connected sensors and control points. For existing and new properties of nearly any size, Autani’s easy-to-understand dashboard and analytics tools empower facility managers to optimize energy use, identify process inefficiencies, and improve space utilization. A pioneer in the Internet of Things movement, Autani has been developing and delivering IoT solutions since 2007. Autani was founded in 2006 and is based in Columbia, MD. All of Autani’s energy management solutions are designed and manufactured in the USA. 

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