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Autani Integrates with Philips EasySense for a New Level of Performance

Autani Integrates with Philips EasySense for a New Level of Performance

 Columbia, MD – Autani, LLC, a proven leader in building controls and IoT, has announced that their award-winning EnergyCenter building management platform now supports the Philips EasySense line of sensors, allowing for even greater flexibility and precision in lighting control options. The Philips EasySense fixture-mount sensor is an ideal solution for per-fixture control. It combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and institutional tuning in a single, compact package for easy OEM fixture assembly. 

With its user friendly and web-based dashboard, EnergyCenter uses Philips EasySense sensors to determine occupancy/vacancy, natural lighting levels, and energy use throughout a facility to identify waste and reduce consumption. By combining Philips EasySense sensor data with scheduling features, it can maximize control over the facility to balance operational needs with energy efficiency. Other features include wireless connected dimming and switching for individual fixtures or zones. 

“By combining Autani’s EnergyCenter platform with Philips EasySense, our customers enjoy an ideal fixture controller that’s backed by a powerful yet easy-to-use controls system,” said Jim Seabury, CEO of Autani’s parent company Enterprise Solutions. “The EasySense line provides cost-effective fixture control, aligning well with Autani’s mission to provide customers with the best overall value possible.” 

About Autani, LLC 

Autani, LLC ( is a Building Automation Provider with a proven track record of reducing energy consumption. At the core of our product offering is EnergyCenter, a building management platform that connects Lighting, Metering, HVAC, Refrigeration and Sensors to control, monitor and verify energy consumption through a single, powerful system with either wireless or wired connectivity. Autani’s building IoT platform, Enterprise, complements EnergyCenter to provide data warehousing and visualization capabilities for connected sensors and control points. For existing and new properties of nearly any size, Autani’s easy-to-understand energy dashboard and EnergyCenter software validate how much, where and when energy is being saved at all times. A pioneer in the Internet of Things movement, Autani has been developing and delivering IoT solutions since 2007. Autani was founded in 2006 and is based in Columbia, MD. All of Autani’s energy management solutions are designed and manufactured in the USA. 

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