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Signify SNS211 MC

The Philips EasySense SNS211 MC from Signify is an economical and touchless lighting control solution that provides per-luminaire control of new LED luminaires. It combines occupancy and daylight sensing in a single, compact package for easy OEM luminaire assembly. EasySense SNS211 MC operates with the Advance Xitanium SR driver to make a simple two-wire connection between sensor and driver, thus eliminating the need for multiple components and auxiliary devices. It provides advanced lighting controls functionalities without the need for a central gateway.

To improve the user experience during commissioning, Signify has also updated the commissioning app. This improved version is called MasterConnect. It’s available for either the iOS or Android smartphones.
There are numerous enhancements and new functionalities to improve the user experience in commissioning the Philips EasySense SNS211 MC.

EasySense SNS211 MC also supports simple control of tunable white fixtures with award-winning Advance FlexTune System. It also supports room level energy reporting without the need for a separate gateway. These advance features and updated field app make EasySense SNS211 MC a very cost effective DLC-qualified networked lighting control solution.

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