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Autani Enocean Bridge

The autaniNet/EnOcean Bridge acts as a gateway between devices using the EnOcean wireless standard and Autani EnergyCenter devices communicating wirelessly via autaniNet.

By linking autaniNet and EnOcean devices, the user reaps the benefits of both worlds—the convenience of EnOcean’s self-powered capabilities and the increased functionality of the much larger wireless range that Autani provides.

The autaniNet/EnOcean Bridge can serve as more than a gateway—it also has the capability to act as a remote, self-powered temperature sensor. Simply wire the Bridge to Autani’s T32P thermostat, and connect the temperature sensor leads to the TT terminals. This connection allows EnOcean self-powered temperature sensors to report remote temperatures to the T32P thermostat, eliminating the need for cumbersome wired sensors or wireless sensors that require an additional power source.

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