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Autani SMT-131 Wireless Digital Thermostat

The Autani SMT-131 Wireless Digital Thermostat is perfect for all applications requiring a simple to use thermostat where energy savings is paramount. The SMT-131 is a wirelessly networked, thermostat for use with Autani’s EnergyCenter HVAC Management System. EnergyCenter manages heating and cooling based upon schedule, occupancy, and demand response events.

Integrated PIR and door or window inputs are provided to automatically alter the thermostat’s control set point and mode to eliminate energy waste if the room is found unoccupied or if doors and windows are left open. Analogue control outputs and relay outputs are also provided to control the latest variable capacity systems as well as modulating valves as needed. This includes support for DC fan motors with minimum and maximum fan speed limit control. Optional corridor displays can be connected should the SMT-131 be used in the hotel industry. The HOT-243 corridor display will show room status and the guest’s need for housekeeping at the touch of a button on the SMT-131 touch screen. Integrated Modbus RTU permits the SMT-131 to be remotely accessed by a building BMS or EnergyCenter for true remote control and accessibility.

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