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Autani Wireless Package Meter

The Autani E50C2 Packaged Meter is a power monitoring device featuring revenue grade measurement and wireless communication. The Packaged Meter is for use with Autani’s EnergyCenter measurement and verification software, and can add real-time energy monitoring to an EnergyCenter Integrated Energy Management solution that includes lighting and HVAC.

The E50C2 is compatible with voltage ranges from 100-277VAC and features load sensing from 5A to 32,000A. The meter is provided as a self-contained unit in a NEMA-4 enclosure with locking door. Featuring accurate revenue grade measurement, the E50C2 is used in conjunction with EnergyCenter software to measure and track energy use for a specific area, load type, or building.

Communication with other Autani Meters, the Autani Manager appliance running EnergyCenter software, and other EnergyCenter devices (such as lighting and HVAC controls) is via autaniNet, a reliable wireless mesh network.

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