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Autani Wireless Wave Thermostat

Autani’s Wave Thermostat is a wirelessly networked thermostat featuring a touchscreen interface and integrated humidity control designed for use with Autani’s EnergyCenter HVAC Management System. EnergyCenter manages heating and cooling based upon schedule, occupancy, and demand response events.

Simple to install, the Wave is a direct replacement for many existing thermostats and can sense temperature either at the stat or via a remote sensor.

Input from contact or occupancy sensors can toggle the occupancy status of a particular room or area. “Occupied” and “Unoccupied” settings are used to vary heating and cooling setpoints, and maximize savings.

Connectivity between Thermostats and other EnergyCenter devices is via the secure, reliable autaniNet wireless mesh network. The Wave Thermostat maintains local HVAC control, even if network communication is lost.

EnergyCenter devices are managed with an Autani Manager appliance running EnergyCenter software and can be part of an EnergyCenter integrated energy management system.

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