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Autani Wireless Relay Controller (WRC)

The Autani WRC Wireless Relay Controller is a wirelessly managed 120/277VAC Plenum Rated area controller that supports dimming and daylight harvesting. The WRC provides managed control of up to two independent switched circuits, supporting the second circuit via an external power pack.

Autani’s WRC line of wireless controllers is designed to support the 2013 Title 24 requirements, providing multiple circuits of switching, dimming and daylight harvesting, time switching, and support for both occupancy and vacancy controls.

The WRC is designed to replace a standard power pack in lighting control circuits and can be operated in stand-alone mode (as a standard switched power pack) or as part of an EnergyCenter Integrated Lighting Management System using the autaniNet wireless mesh network.

As a network device, the WRC is controlled by an Autani Manager appliance running EnergyCenter software, which manages lighting circuits based upon time schedules, local control, occupancy, demand response curtailments, light level, and door openings or closures.

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