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Autani Lite Features

Autonomous Lighting Behavior: Sensors adjust light levels based on occupancy, task tuning, daylight harvesting, and configurable lighting profiles. Manual Lighting Behavior: The switch turns lights on/off or to preset dim levels. It can also schedule lighting profiles. Daylight Harvesting: Fixture lights are dimmed or turned off in response to daylight. Occupancy or Vacancy Behavior: Configure sensors in a room for manual-on (vacancy switch) or auto-on (occupancy switch). Energy Savings: Depending on occupancy patterns and available natural light, savings may be as high as 65 percent. Multiple Switches per Room: Add switches at each room entry point to control room lights. Personalize and Reconfigure: Customize individual light levels and easily add or remove sensors from a group anytime. Code Compliant & Rebate Qualified: Out-of-box building code compliant and qualified for energy rebates. Easy Install: Less labor cost compared to wired lighting solutions due to wireless communications between the switch and sensors. Driver Compatibility: Dimming and on/off control signaling for 0-10V. Contact Autani for a full list of compatible drivers. Whichever tier of product you decide on, you will be outfitting your facility with a truly future-proofed solution complete with a powerful upgrade path available when needed. Autani Makes it Easy to Upgrade and qualify for the best rebates available

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