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Metering & Sensing Solution
Autani’s EnergyCenter building management platform upgrades the entire building, from indoor and outdoor lighting systems to remote metering, with an energy efficient network of user-friendly controls that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Qualify for top tier rebates through revenue grade metering and reporting of energy usage. Autani’s wireless mesh network is primarily built from these components. The Autani COREs act as wireless gateways within the building while the Manager collects and aggregates data throughout the building. Finally, Autani Range Extenders can extend the wireless mesh range by up to 2000 ft.

Product Recommendations

  • Manager with EnergyCenter Software

    Serves as central control hub to distribute programming to all fixtures. Controlled on-site or remotely via EnergyCenter software. If your facility already utilizes a Manager to control indoor lighting/HVAC, the same Manager can be used to metering.

  • CORE

    These are essentially mini-Managers that allow multiple zones and fixtures to have a more local hub. This prevents any lags from distance to the Manager and allows for more fixtures to be controlled in a designated area.

  • Range Extender

    Extends the range of the wireless communications. This is especially useful when bridging between multiple floors or outdoor lights.

  • Wireless Meter

    rovides revenue grade metering, allowing you to know the real-time cost of your energy usage.

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Business Outcomes

  • Qualify for top tier rebates through revenue grade metering and reporting
  • Understand energy usage across your building portfolio to inform future savings potential
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